When a bumper bashing occurs, who are you going to call? That's right, Leopards Panel Beaters & Spray Painting. Your number one automobile body repair company the Cape has ever seen.

You can hide a lot of things in life, some secrets are so well hidden they fade away with time but hiding a dent or a scratch on your car is close to impossible. Yes with the right angle, and enough shade you might get away with a dent in the bonnet or a scratch on the passenger side door. However, as soon as the sun hits your car the whole world will be able to see it.

We specialize in all sorts of panel beating. There is absolutely no challenge we can’t overcome. We know body work repair like a king knows his own crown. Our positive reviews, and great client feedback is enough to prove to you why Leopards Panel Beaters are so highly respected in the industry.

Besides a perfect paint match, we also strive on the detail of the spray. You will certainly never ever find paint splatter where it shouldn't be. Paint splatter on vehicle parts like the car's bumpers, the windscreen, and even tires are the first sign of a poor paint job.